STELLAR meeting V – Meyer Children’s Hospital – Florence

20150615-DSC_0256-STELLAR Florence

This week STELLAR had its 5th consortium meeting. The whole team gathered in the beautiful city Florence in Italy to discuss the scientific progress of the project.

20150615-DSC_0228-STELLAR Florence

Paola Romagnani, our host, opened the first session explaining the model systems that she and her group have been working on and which will be used in the remainder of the project.

STELLAR is a collaborative effort between Europe and Australia. Our Australian partners who are currently on sabbatical at LUMC in Leiden, the Netherlands joined the meeting. Both Melissa Little and Minoru Takasato showed their progress on the STELLAR project and discussed in detail their work on kidney development.

All scientific work packages were discussed by various members of the consortium. Great progress has been made towards culture protocol development, bioreactor design and fundamental insight into the function of kidney derived mesenchymal stromal cells.

The STELLAR project which will run for 5 years is now halfway. Critical decisions will be made on how to proceed with the tasks in the various work packages to ensure that the project outcome will be successful.

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