Modelling the cost-effectiveness of delaying End-Stage Renal Disease.

Ten percent of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD), quite a large number is people is affected without knowing so. Of those people that have End-Stage renal disease (ESRD) currently 2 million people worldwide receive treatment with dialysis or are lucky enough to receive a kidney transplant.

Both dialysis and transplantation are very costly procedures but currently the only treatment options for patients with ESRD. New treatment methodologies for delaying ESRD, including cell-based therapy, studied in the STELLAR project, are under development. Because of the increasing incidence of CKD and the high costs associated with current treatments, proper economic assessment and cost modelling of new therapies is very welcome.

Within the STELLAR project a generic model for estimating the cost-effectiveness of delaying ESRD was constructed. The model is described in the paper below.


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