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STELLAR’s coordinator Ton Rabelink and Tom Oostrom director of the Dutch Kidney Foundation (partner in the STELLAR project) participated in a live broadcast on Dutch television. The theme of the broadcast was “Give Life” with a focus on kidney disease.

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In the Netherlands 6.500 patients are dependent on Dialysis. Dialysis is merely a way to add a number of years to the life of a patient.  There is currently no cure for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Ground breaking research is dearly needed to counteract this unmet medical need.

Ton Rabelink discussed two options that could potentially deliver new treatments for kidney patients:

The STELLAR project focusses the potential use of Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) isolated from the bone marrow or the kidney to regenerate diseased kidney tissue. MSC isolated from bone marrow are currently tested on small groups of patients in clinical trials. The STELLAR project investigates whether MSC isolated from the kidney are a better source of “stem cells” to counteract deterioration of the kidney and turn diseased tissue into healthy functioning kidneys.

STELLAR is a collaboration between European and Australian specialist in the field of kidney development, regenerative medicine and kidney disease. This collaborative effort is very fruitful. Our Australian partners have succeeded in producing kidney cells from stem cells. These cells could potentially form the building blocks for the generation of a completely new kidney from the patient’s own cells. Through this collaborative effort knowledge obtained by researchers in Australia will be combined with the knowledge present in the European labs to speed up translation and implementation of newly discovered treatment methods to the clinic.

The interview with Ton (in Dutch) can be found using this LINK.

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